Fabric Aftercare

If you feel anything like we do, the thought of having to throw my FAVOURITE leggings and dresses away breaks our hearts. So to prevent that from happening too soon we have a few tips on how to make sure your leggings last for eternity, well almost...

We are not saying your new items are going to be too delicate, that's not the case. We want to ensure your items last a very very very looooooong time, and prevent any unnecessary mishaps and upsets.

Please wash your items before use, after you have tried them on and you're happy to keep them. 

Please note that contact with rough surfaces and velcro fasteners should be avoided since they can pull out the white fibres in the printed fabric, damaging the fabrics’ appearance. We are not liable for this damage.

We are not liable for any damages or wear and tear caused by the customer. 

Please wash your garments inside out, separately to zippers, velcro or anything else that can damage or snag the fabric. Mesh wash bags are a good way of protecting your garments in the washing machine. Please read the care label on your garments and swing tags, and hand wash were possible.

Please be of mindful on sitting on abrasive surfaces like brick, stone, wood etc. Take care when wearing handbags and accessories, and watch out for plucking from nails/pets.

Tip 1: Treat them with love
High water temperatures encourage the loss of dye and pilling which could result in your beautiful garments losing their bright, vibrant colours. Machine wash cold, or even better yet take a few moments to hand wash colours separately in cold water and remove any other garments trimmed with buttons, zippers and velcro etc. that could damage the fabric.

Tip 2: Turn them inside out.
Of course, we are not saying wear them inside out, but when it comes to taking them off, turn them inside out. There's a little nack you can do to do this in one swift motion as you take your garments off. Washing your garments inside out will help sustain the colours whilst washing and drying, and hopefully prevent any accidental snags if you wash them with other clothes. Mesh wash bags are a fantastic way to protect your garments in the washing machine.

Tip 3: Take it easy on softeners
If you own our awesome garments, you will know you do not need fabric softener. A lot of detergents, and particularly fabric softeners, will break down the fibres that make your clothes stretchy and firm.

Tip 4: Avoid the Tumble Dryer.
The Dryer can fade colours, cause pilling, as well as change the shape of your garments so for best results place your garments on a flat surface or washing line, and allow them to air dry inside out, out of direct sunlight of course.

Tip 5: How to fit your Pawlie leggings.
Fit your Pawlie leggings just as you would a pair of stockings by gradually rolling them up your legs until you reach your waist.

Tip 6: Do not iron