WHAT IS RAYON? - Introducing Pawlie’s very own Rayon T-shirts -

With new products comes new fabrics, so you may be asking yourself; what actually is rayon and is it worth the hype? The short answer is yes, read along to find out the long answer. 

So what is Rayon?

Rayon is a cellulosic, semi-synthetic fabric; meaning a man-made fabric using plant based materials. It is created using wood pulp that is washed and dissolved in chemicals. These wood pulps typically derive from eucalyptus trees, bamboo, soy or cotton. Making Rayon one of the easiest fabrics to wear and use. 

So, at Pawlie we have designed Rayon T-shirts; made with comfort in mind. These tees feature a long line and relaxed fit, long sleeves and added stretch to create the comfiest top ever!

Our first release is available in three stunning colours - Lilac, Magenta and Aqua Green. As well as the perfect staple black to match with any of our bright patterned leggings. 

Did you know… The first ever production of Rayon (also known as Viscose) occurred in the late 19th Century and was used as a substitute for silk when European silkworms contracted a disease that made them useless for silk production. 

But why did we choose Rayon over something else?

There’s four main reasons Pawlie decided to go with Rayon for their first relaxed tees;

  1. Breathability - Rayon is so soft and breathable it’s perfect for almost any occasion.
  2. Appearance - With its luxurious drape and silk like fluidity, rayon just looks really pretty.
  3. Versatility - Rayon is the perfect seasonless fabric, making it perfect for layering in the cold and keeping you cool in the heat. 
  4. Absorbency - Rayon is amazing at absorbing moisture and drying quickly.

We believe our Rayon tees are the perfect combination of comfort, style and wearability. Moisture wicking to wear to the gym, so comfortable you could sleep in it, AND stylish enough to wear to your next event. What more could you want?

The Pawlie team absolutely love their Rayon Tees, but what do you think? Let us know in our reviews and tag us on social media. 

Much love,

Team Pawlie <3 

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